Pet Portraits Portfolio

What our customers are saying:

“5 Stars Plus! Bonnie’s pet portraits are beautiful!! They make awesome gifts too! We have two portraits and can’t wait to do more!!” – Anne from Kentucky

Extremely talented, Bonnie continues to share her abilities producing high quality work at great, great value…only she can provide that personal touch…she’s fabulous.” – Eileen from Virginia

“Oh wow, it is perfect!!! Absolutely amazing and exactly what I was hoping for!” – Karen from Tennessee

“I cannot tell you how amazing Bonnie is!!! I have been with my beautiful wife for SEVENTEEN YEARS!!…and her getting the portraits as a Christmas gift was the first time I’ve ever seen her cry from such a beautiful gift (in a GREAT way)!!! With ever fiber of my being, I wholly recommend Ms. Bonnie Kelley for ALL your pet portrait needs and wants! She is simply amazing!” – Charles from Virginia

Several good quality reference photos are required. We cannot produce the quality product you are looking for with tiny, dark or blurry photographs to work from. We can send some tips and tricks if you need suggestions on how to take a good photograph – it’s not as hard as you might think! If you are local, we will be glad to meet you somewhere nearby to take reference photos for a fee of $12 (this is NOT a photo shoot; we just need to get a few reference photos), or we can refer you to a professional photographer in your area.

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