Shamrock Studios is a small team with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Bonnie Kelley

Artist & Photographer

Bonnie grew up surrounded by animals. She has always loved art and photography, as evidenced by the thousands of photographs and drawings of animals past and present that fill her home. In 2017, she was lucky to be able to merge her passion and her career when Shamrock Studios was born. Bonnie relies on many years of hands-on experience with animals to create realistic fine art portraits and understands how to capture the right moment in a photograph.

She lives in Southwest Virginia with her boyfriend, three retired racehorses, and a very special rescue dog. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, doing agility and barn hunt with Daisy, reading books, spending time at the barn, and listening to music.


Supervisor of Stress-Relief & Comedy

Daisy is the real supervisor of Shamrock Studios. She is always ready to lend a paw when any of the team needs a laugh, or to lead Fresh Air Walks if someone has been working too long. She is very happy that Bonnie has found a career that allows her to work from home several days a week.

Daisy prefers the more active things in life, such as agility, hiking and hunting. She also enjoys back massages and cat treats.


Business Partner & Creative Associate

Kathy is Bonnie’s mom and business partner. She and Bonnie discuss ideas, and she is able to provide valuable feedback during artistic blocks. She is also an avid animal lover and a talented artist. Kathy creates art through her own studio, Windy Hill Gourdcraft, where she raises gourds and turns them into beautiful bowls, birdhouses, ornaments, and more. She joins Bonnie at art shows and photography events from time to time, where they merge their talents and hard work.

Kathy lives with her husband and two dogs outside of Charlottesville, VA. In her spare time, she enjoys playing agility with Cricket (pictured), hiking, and gardening. Heidi, their older dog, enjoys laying in the sun and photo-bombing (see bottom-right of photo!).


Business Partner & Technical Associate

Tracy is Bonnie’s business partner, technical associate, and life partner. He is extremely handy and can build/fix anything! Tracy has built several custom frames for Bonnie’s fine art, as well as some creative shelving to store her paints and pencils. When something needs to be measured or designed to certain specifications, Bonnie will happily start on it, and then Tracy will correct it. Bonnie is very thankful to have this incredible guy in her life and on her team.

When he is not working at the coal mine, Tracy likes to go to his workshop and build all kinds of things out of metal, wood, and leather that he has tanned himself. Spending time with his family is a very important part of his life. Since he doesn’t like his picture taken and he prefers to be out in the woods over just about anything else, we are substituting a photo of a deer for him. Tracy feels that he identifies more closely with a handsome 12-point than a delicate fawn, but Bonnie has never been able to find a 12-point in the wild to get a photo of so he has to settle for the time being!

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